We carry a wide array of products for farm operations of any size.

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Since 1959, Wilfrid Major Ltd. has been a dairy industry leader, providing our clients with extremely competent service and formulating the highest quality feed.

Wilfrid Major Ltd. has been affiliated with Shur-Gain Canada since its beginnings. This partnership allows our consultants to formulate exact feed programs, provide peace of mind to all our customers, and most of all surpass their expectations. We at Wilfrid Major Ltd. look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

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Wilfrid Major Ltd. is very proud to be one of the largest poultry feed manufacturing mills in Eastern Ontario. What makes us stand out is our quality feed backed by Shur-Gain’s knowledgeable consulting team and competitive prices.

Our quality control system ensures the highest quality ingredients are used, which is a cornerstone for achieving outstanding results.

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Hobby farm

Hobby Farm

We offer a wide range of products for farm operations of any size. We are known for the quality of our backyard poultry and small animal feed.

We carry a wide array of products, from premium wood shavings to water softener salt, from deer feed to wild bird seed, hog grower to pet products.


Sheep Mineral Block (20 kg)2019-03-12T18:16:31-05:00

Provides all the minerals sheep need. No copper added.

Lamb-Gro Milk Replacer (20 kg)2019-03-12T20:30:05-05:00

Powdered milk replacer.

16% Complete Lamb Feed – Sweet (40 kg)2019-03-12T20:28:37-05:00

Sweetened with molasses. For weaned lambs and as a complement for milk-fed lambs. Protein content: 16%.

16-4 Ovis Sheep Mineral (25 kg)2019-03-12T20:28:04-05:00

Feed to mature animals. No copper added.

Nyjer seed (50 lbs)2019-03-12T20:20:53-05:00

Nyjer seed, also called thistle seed, is very popular with small birds like gold finches. Makes for excellent winter bird food due to its high oil and protein content.

Black oil sunflower seed (50 lbs)2019-03-12T20:20:08-05:00

Popular seed among a wide variety of backyard birds, such as cardinals, blue jays, grosbeaks, woodpeckers, chickadees, and nuthatches. Good source of energy and oil for winter feeding.

Kid-Gro Milk Replacer – Acidified (20 kg)2019-03-12T20:18:26-05:00

Milk replacer powder, 22% protein, 25% fat. Acidified formula.

Kid-Gro Milk Replacer – Regular (20 kg)2019-03-12T20:17:46-05:00

Milk replacer powder, 22% protein, 25% fat. Regular formula (non-acidified).

Capri Dairy Kid Milk Replacer (20 kg)2019-03-12T20:17:15-05:00

Milk replacer powder, 24% protein, 19% fat.

20% Kid Starter Ration Deccox (40 kg)2019-03-12T20:16:42-05:00

Serve free choice to kids. Contains the anti-coccidial medicine Deccox: Vet prescription required. Protein content: 20%

18% Dairy Ration (40 kg)2019-04-05T12:36:27-05:00

Protein content: 18%. To be fed with good quality forages.

Advantage Dog Food (16 kg)2019-03-12T18:16:31-05:00

Blue bag. Quality formula.

Whole Oats (40 kg)2019-03-12T20:12:27-05:00

100% whole oats, shell on.

Horse Shavings (XLS, Blue)2019-03-12T20:11:06-05:00

Top quality wood shavings designed for race horses. Ultimate comfort and hygiene with optimum dust control. (gives 8 pi3)

Vitamins & Minerals 11-6 (25 kg)2019-03-12T20:11:07-05:00

Pelleted texture.

Equine Balancer Block (15.1 kg)2019-03-12T20:10:14-05:00

Supplement block for horses.

Fat and Fibre 13.5% (20 kg)2019-03-12T20:09:33-05:00

For all classes of horses over 8 months of age.

Sweet Feed 13% (40 kg)2019-03-12T20:03:29-05:00

Made in-house, exclusive to Wilfrid Major. Contains grains and molasses. Protein content: 13%. For mature horses.

Capri Dairy Base Ration (25 kg)2019-03-12T20:14:32-05:00

Feed to goats in mid to late lactation.

Kitty Litter (16 kg)2019-03-12T20:01:16-05:00

Highly performant, deodorizing clumping cat litter.

Tip Top Cat Food (16 kg)2019-03-12T20:00:40-05:00

Cat food, economical package.

Tip Top Dog Food (16 kg)2019-03-12T19:57:45-05:00

Dog food, economical package.

Hog Grower 16% Pellets (40 kg)2019-03-12T19:56:18-05:00

Feed made on-site at Wilfrid Major. Pelleted texture, ideal for feeders.

Hog Grower 16% Mash (40 kg)2019-03-12T19:51:46-05:00

Feed made on-site at Wilfrid Major. Mash texture, ideal for mixing with liquids.

Shavings Premium XLS (Blue)2019-03-12T19:46:30-05:00

Top quality wood shavings designed for race horses. Ultimate comfort and hygiene with optimum dust control. (compressed to 3 pi3, gives 8 pi3)

Shavings Premium MS (Red)2019-03-12T19:45:46-05:00

Made from virgin spruce and pine. Maximum cleanliness and comfort. Perfect for poultry and rabbits. (compressed to 3 pi3, gives 7 pi3 )

Layer Pure Veg (25 kg)2019-04-05T12:03:29-05:00

Crumble texture exclusive to Wilfrid Major, great at preventing hens from sorting through their feed. Protein content: 18%.

Finisher Pure Veg (25 kg)2019-03-12T18:16:31-05:00

Maintenance and finishing ration. For layer hens, feed starting at 9 weeks of age until the onset of egg laying. Protein content: 15%. Texture: granules.

Grower Pure Veg (25 kg)2019-03-12T19:40:55-05:00

Grower ration for all types of poultry. Protein content: 19%. Texture: granules.

Shavings Premium SS (Green)2019-03-12T19:43:26-05:00

Made from virgin spruce and pine. The highest level of moisture absorption available for optimal hygiene and maximum bacteria protection. Ideal for cows. (compressed to 3 pi3, gives 5 pi3)

Cuni-Lact (25 kg)2019-03-12T18:09:43-05:00

Provides all the nutritional needs of pregnant and lactating does.

Starter 22% Pure Veg (25 kg)2019-03-12T18:10:16-05:00

Chick starter: broiler chickens, layer hens, partridges, and ducks. Protein content: 22%. Texture: granules.

Starter 25% Pure Veg (25 kg)2019-03-12T18:10:51-05:00

Chick starter: turkeys, pheasants, quails, and guinea fowl. Protein content: 25%. Texture: granules.

Cuni-Grower (25 kg)2019-03-12T18:09:52-05:00

Provides all the nutritional needs of rabbits. Contains alfalfa.

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